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Aahana means ‘first rays of sun’ according to Sanskrit, an ancient best cbd oil for dogs org mailorderbride Indian Language. We are the Best essaywriterusa Online Shopping Fiji.
The inspiration of Aahana comes with a new vigor and freshness, to bring the best of an ancient Asian Subcontinent, India’s celebration of everyday of life to Fiji. When the commonalities and mutual affection between people of Fiji Islands and Indian Subcontinent are experienced by Sri Y. Jagan Mohan Rao, in his first visit as a tourist, he was taken aback by the hospitality & love by local Fijian people. He found an instant connect and calling in nature’s garb of Fijian Islands.
Aahana Groups aims to connect people of both nations, and introduce the new ideas of celebrations, styles and tastes to the lifestyle of Fijian People. Creative & Colorful Designer Clothing, elegant & beautiful household decoratives, unique & traditional subcontinental rich tastes – all with a sense  of pride and humble costing are the promise of bringing joy to every section of society in Fiji Islands.
Commitment to provide employment for local talent, an open and transparent process guidelines following uncompromising ethics in its every action, are the soul of Aahana Group’s vision. Putting the same vision in realistic terms, Aahana reserves 5% of its profits for Local charities, another 5% for Educational Scholarshiops, and further contributions for those associations which support orphanages and individuals with disabilities.
Professional Journey
Sri Y Jagan Mohan Rao’s career began in 1990 as a Reporter in Doordarshan best cbd oil for dogs org mailorderbride News, an Indian Governmental News Channel. Gaining tremendous exposure and insight into policy making while working with Union Ministers, he relocated to work from New Delhi, capital of India. The opportunities of assisting the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri. N.Kiran Kumar Reddy has brought him back to his home state,  contributed his best to society through politics and other social service activities. Films, being very influential factor in the society today, facinated him very much, “Venkatapuram” being the latest Telugu Film of which he was one of the producers.
By showing a level of prescience and foresight that has been a hallmark of his achievements over the years; he diversified into business with taking up the franchise for India from Pinnacle Gold Laboratories Pvt Ltd, an Australian infant formula producers which deals with nutritious foods for just born baby’s up to 3 years. He has seen a spectacular level of growth and success in under 4 years. The sudden demise of Mr. Eli Shaman, The Chairman and Founder of pinnacle gold laboratories, the business had to be discontinued, but a new career path was awaiting him…
A simple, not so planned tour to Fiji caught his emotions by surprise, unfolding a career path called destiny.
For a tree to grow tall, high and spread a cool shadow, the roots must be strong and deep.
Sri Y.Jagan Mohan Rao, is a man of humble background, born in middle class family to Sri Y. Tilak and Y. Prabhavathi, in West Godavari District located in Andhra Pradesh State in India, whose primary income opportunity was merit and job. The poor could not easily afford to books, exclusive trainings or multiple practice sessions for exams.. this is not a movie. A long, tough road of travel, ‘Life’ seldom gives choices to those in rural village families, hence, Sri Y.Jagan Mohan Rao was forced to work part-time, and continue his studies. Only the people who were very close to him can explain the ordeals of an orthodox bachelor that could not compromise with anything less than perfection in life.
Sri Y. Jagan Mohan Rao, could never give up his principles, accountability and determination to support those who need him most.
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